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  • Rooms1 Bedroom - 3 Bedroom
  • Sq Ft750 - 1,580 Sq Ft

Floor Plans for Every Beach Lifestyle

When selecting the perfect apartment in Jacksonville, Florida, it’s important to have options. We offer a variety of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments in multiple style layouts.

Room for Everyone

Whether you’re a small family or a group of college roommates, our floor plans provide room for everyone. The floor plan arrangements are designed to maximize space and prioritize privacy. Enjoy the comfort of a one-bedroom apartment all to yourself, or experience the convenience of a three-bedroom apartment as a family. Our two-bedroom apartments are a popular choice among college students. Whichever living situation sounds most like yours, we’re sure there is a solution for you at Tree House. There’s even room for your furry best friend with our pet-friendly policy.

Digital Floor Plans

Check out all the floor plan options below. Use the filters to search by number of bedrooms or monthly rent amount. Once you’ve found the right one, you can check the availability, apply online, or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Filter by Bedrooms


1 Br / 1 Ba
750 Sq. Ft.


1 Br / 1 Ba / Den
1,124 Sq. Ft.


2 Br / 1.5 Ba
1,373 Sq. Ft.


2 Br / 2 Ba
1,275 Sq. Ft.


2 Br / 2 Ba
1,345 Sq. Ft.


3 Br / 2 Ba
1,580 Sq. Ft.

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